An American GDPR?

Makena Kelly, writing for The Verge:

On Thursday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) released a proposal to overhaul the way the US government regulates privacy. Gillibrand’s Data Protection Act would found a new independent agency called the Data Protection Agency (DPA), tasked with protecting consumer data at large. Consumers would file complaints with the DPA that could trigger larger investigations into data malpractice, potentially implicating major platforms like Google and Facebook. If a company is found to have abused consumer data, the DPA could take action by inflicting civil penalties or seeking injunctive relief.

Momentum is clearly building towards an American equivalent to Europe’s General Data Privacy Regulation scheme. 

With Republicans in the majority, Senator Gillibrand’s bill is a non-starter — not necessarily due to its policy aims as the natural incentive to deny the minority party legislative victories in an election year. But I would expect to see this sort of data projection agenda as a top-tier issue in the next congress.

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