About The Hines Report

This week, I started a new project called “The Hines Report,” a newsletter in support of conservative campaigns & causes.

Every day, I plan to share three key stories that are driving the day:

  1. A story amplifying the positive work that conservatives are doing to support America’s future.
  2. A story highlighting how socialists or “progressives” are attacking the conservative movement in government and on the campaign trail.
  3. A story focusing on the ways that conservative campaigns & causes are organizing to protect what makes America great.

Initially, these stories will be links to other media outlets and primary source material from Twitter. Over time, I may also add some original content and analysis.

In a way, writing a newsletter like this echoes my earliest jobs in politics compiling “news clips” for a “morning roundup” email. I enjoyed it back then, and it’s oddly satisfying to return to the exercise in my thirties.

It also gives me an opportunity to experiment with Substack, a new publishing platform for free and paid subscription newsletters. (The Hines Report will offer a paid version, which — over time — will offer exclusive content and other bonuses.) So far, my experience has been nothing but positive.

If you want to check it out, you can find it at www.hines.report.