Targeted Victory leans into online fundraising for the NRCC


“I do think there is a realization by the NRCC post-2018 that there needs to be a greater commitment to low-dollar fundraising. These are kind of like elements that add fuel to the fire,” Targeted Victory founder and CEO Zac Moffatt told CNBC in a recent interview at the firm’s offices in Arlington, Virginia. “We have redoubled down and now we are going to be a much larger partner on the marketing side with low-dollar fundraising.”

“What we’re doing is creating as large as possible a first-party data set of people who want to support Republicans from the presidential all the way through the congressional,” he said. “When the time is right, we’ll activate them at scale.”

Targeted Victory has had a long-standing and close relationship with the NRCC, but in past cycles, they haven’t helped lead their online fundraising efforts directly (the committee did that in-house).

Bringing their expertise and large staff on board is a smart move by the committee, whose online fundraising revenues will almost certainly increase as a result.

This announcement does, however, raise significant questions about how committed the NRCC is to using WinRED (i.e., Revv). Historically, Targeted Victory has not shown a willingness to shift its customers away from its donation platform (Victory Passport).