Super Tuesday Themes

Today, the Democratic candidates for president — or the ones that remain, anyway — are battling it out in the biggest test of their electability to date.

The big story yesterday was the Democrats’ moderate wing coalescing around former vice president Joe Biden as their standard-bearer. I would love to hear the behind-the-scenes story of how his political team pulled that off. If you see one, please send it to me.

As I watch the results tonight, I’m going to be following a few themes:

  1. Did Bloomberg’s $500 million bet pay off?
  2. Will Warren’s big bet on organizing finally pay dividends, or will she be forced out?
  3. How many donations will Sanders get per minute as the results pour in?

But I’m also curious: what storylines are you following? And what do you predict will be the primary narrative tomorrow morning?

Honestly, I don’t care who wins. But I am very interested in what we can learn from that victory.

(If you’re looking for a deep dive into the state of play in the Democratic Primary, I highly recommend this piece from POLITICO. It digs into each of today’s states one-by-one.)