Press & Media Information

I am happy to speak with reporters and members of the press both on “background” and on the record about digital strategy for organizations, movements, and campaigns.

I make an excellent interviewee. I respond to emails quickly, I’m willing to speak on the record, and I’m full of valuable anecdotes from my experience helping more than 100 organizations effectively navigate the intersection of politics & technology.

You can reach me directly at

Sample Prompts & Questions

If you don’t know what you don’t know, here are a few conversation starters to help you get the most out of an interview with me.

  1. I’m hearing a lot about [new technology]. What do you know about it, and can you help me understand how campaigns are using it today?
  2. How will [recent change in current events] affect [campaign’s] ability to raise money online?
  3. How will [proposed privacy regulation] affect campaigns’ ability to advertise online?
  4. Help me understand the difference between Democrats’ and Republicans’ approach to online campaigning.
  5. A lot of voters are concerned about their data privacy. Talk to me about how campaigns’ digital strategies utilize voters’ data — both online and offline.
  6. A client comes to you looking for help with raising money online. Where do you begin?
  7. What are a few things that separate successful online fundraisers from the rest of the pack?

Facts About Me

Use these little known facts about me to contextualize my quotes or to spark ideas and guide our interview.

  1. I have been the digital director for six campaigns for U.S. Senate.
  2. I have been been a senior digital consultant to the Republican Parties of six U.S. states.
  3. During the 2016 Election, I was the digital director for Evan McMullin’s independent presidential campaign.
  4. From 2015–2016, I was a senior digital consultant to the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign (the “remain” side of the Brexit Referendum).
  5. I advised former British Prime Minister Theresa May during her successful 2016 campaign for the leader of the British Conservative & Unionist Party.
  6. I have never worked at one of the national party committees or at an inside-the-beltway consulting agency.
  7. Since 2013, I have exclusively worked on the NationBuilder platform.
  8. I believe that if you can’t summarize why you’re running for office in a tweet, you shouldn’t be running at all.
  9. I know that if you’re running for office of any kind you’re in the business of list building.
  10. I tell campaigners that they should email their supporters daily, but they should never blast their list.

Hines Digital in the News

The following is an inexhaustive list of my press appearances.

(Updated: 2020-03-20)

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