Peter Thiel says FBI, CIA should probe Google

Over the weekend, billionaire investor Peter Thiel urged the federal government to investigate Google for treasonous cooperation with the Chinese military and the possibility that its senior leadership had been “infiltrated” by foreign intelligence operatives.

Obviously, these are alarming accusations from a high-profile and respected source, and one with the ear of the president. 

As Axios notes in a follow-up story today, these concerns aren't accompanied by evidence (in a very McCarthy-esque fashion), and by raising them as questions Thiel and others aren’t required to prove their validity. But they’ve definitely gotten the President’s attention

The implications here are massive. I’m writing this post in Google Chrome, use Gmail and Google Calendar for my day-to-day productivity, and Google Search almost exclusively — as do most people, and most political operatives in particular. 

My gut reaction is that it’s absolutely in the national interest to be confident that Google (and possibly other major tech players) are “on our side,” not unlike defense or aerospace contractors.