What I’m Doing Right Now

Last Updated: February 3, 2020

Photo: My son, Oliver, and I vacationing in Mexico.
Photo: My son, Oliver, and I vacationing in Mexico (January 2020)

I’m currently back home in Severna Park, Maryland, after a weeklong Caribbean cruise with my wife and kids.

For the next few weeks, between client projects, I will be focused on laying the groundwork for a productive 2020. 

Later this month, I am traveling to Los Angeles to reconnect with my friends and colleagues at NationBuilder.

Learn more about me and my story at hines.digital/about.

Current Areas of Focus 

  1. I am designing beautiful, powerful, and user-friendly NationBuilder website themes, both on custom and ready-made basis. 
  2. I am conducting one- and two-day on-site training and strategic planning sessions for campaigns and causes seeking to get the most out of NationBuilder.
  3. I am providing ongoing consulting and technical support to existing NationBuilder customers.
  4. I am writing to share what I know, what I think, and what I am curious about on my blog.

I am currently available for new client work. To get started, visit hines.digital/start.

Recently Completed Projects

Explore a full list of past clients at hines.digital/experience.

Current Fascinations

  • I am interested in exploring new ways to deepen product adoption and reduce churn among NationBuilder customers.
  • I find Shopify’s platform and partner ecosystem fascinating, and I wonder a lot about what lessons campaigns & causes can learn from direct-to-consumer e-commerce. 
  • I’m following a lot of entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists because I find that their interdisciplinary approach and intersectional perspective sparks new ways of thinking about challenges and opportunities.
  • In my seventh year of remote work and self-employment, I’m thinking a lot about the future of work and how to build a durable career as a freelance multipotentialite. 

Follow along as I explore these thoughts and others at hines.digital/blog.