The New Blue State D̶i̶g̶i̶t̶a̶l̶

This week, the legendary Democratic digital consultancy Blue State Digital rebranded — and dropped “digital” from their name entirely.

Blue State got its start on the campaign trail, pioneering the use of digital technology to open up the democratic process. Since then we’ve extended our partnership to leading causes, campaigns, and companies — expanding our work across strategy, creative, and data and technology.

Our roots in digital have shaped who we are today. But our work is about more than a channel — it’s about people and progress. So we are removing the word “digital” from our name, and we’re updating our brand to better reflect the totality of the work we’re putting out in the world and where we’re trying to go with our clients. We want to make an even stronger statement about what we believe in.

When I was first learning digital strategy in the mid-2000s, no agency had a more significant impact on my work than Blue State. They were then and still are pioneers in the field. Anyone in digital who says their work didn't influence them is either ignorant or lying. 

I’m keen to see how the new “Blue State” continues to evolve in their increasingly competitive marketplace.