Livingston $490 USD

A powerful NationBuilder website theme built for candidates with strong digital teams. It’s mobile-friendly, easy to set up, and flexible enough for any campaign.

Screenshot: Livingston - A Premium NationBuilder Theme by Hines Digital Buy Now View Theme Demo
Screenshot: Livingston - A Premium NationBuilder Theme by Hines Digital


  • Action alert bar

    Highlight important actions with a prominent “alert” button above the navbar.

  • Beautiful header photos

    Highlight candidate imagery with prominent, auto-cropped header photographs.

  • Designed for digital teams

    Livingston is specially built for candidates with a large-market focus and an experienced digital team.

  • Flexible homepage blocks

    Confidently upload images and content directly to the homepage without breaking the layout.

  • Logged-in supporter menu

    Allow supporters to manage their own information and quickly complete forms with automatic post-action login.

  • Sticky top navbar

    Your site’s primary navigation and action buttons will stay visible as your visitors’ scroll.


How do I purchase a theme?

All of our NationBuilder premium themes are sold directly by NationBuilder via their Theme Marketplace, which you can explore at

How do I install my theme after I’ve purchased it?

After you’ve purchased your theme on the NationBuilder Theme Store, NationBuilder will deliver the theme to your specified nation within one business day.

Can I customize the theme code/styles after I’ve purchased it?

Absolutely! Once NationBuilder has installed your purchased theme on your nation, you’re free to “clone” it make whatever modifications or enhancements you want!

Can I use my campaign/organization’s font?

Almost certainly. If your organization’s fonts are available on Adobe Fonts or Google Fonts, you’ll be able to use them on your website. But to do so, you’ll need to edit your theme’s code.

Will my theme integrate with ActBlue/Anedot/WinRed for fundraising?

Definitely! Using NationBuilder’s “redirect” pages, you can add any donation platform to your website’s donate buttons. On the data side of things, ActBlueAnedot, and Revv (WinRed’s technology platform) all have excellent NationBuilder integrations.

Can you help me customize my theme?

Yes! If you’d like help customizing your theme’s colors, fonts, or layout, please contact us after you’ve bought your theme. Theme customization projects typically begin at $500 USD (on top of the base theme price).