Kamala Harris Shutters Offices Throughout New Hampshire

When Kamala Harris launched her campaign, I’d have bet good money that she’d be one of the frontrunners heading into South Carolina’s primaries. But now, I’ll be surprised if she’s still running by the Iowa Caucus. 


Sen. Kamala Harris’ campaign has almost completely shuttered its New Hampshire campaign, with no visible activity at any of her offices in the state.

The campaign confirmed it is largely abandoning New Hampshire, keeping only a skeleton crew and canceling an upcoming visit. Harris also will not file in person to be on the ballot, a tradition that garners local media attention.

“The campaign has made a strategic decision to realign resources to go all-in on Iowa, resulting in office closures and staff realignments and reductions in New Hampshire,” said spokesman Nate Evans. “The campaign will continue to have a staff presence in New Hampshire but the focus is and will continue to be on Iowa.”

Strategic resource allocation is one thing, but this is an all-out concession that she cannot win in New Hampshire. But Iowa and New Hampshire are linked, and the perception that she’s hemorrhaging resources and staff will undercut her ability to compete nationally.

As General Patton said (in the biographical film), “Americans love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser.” In presidential politics, if you’re not winning, you’re losing. Kamala Harris appears to be losing, and it’ll likely get worse from here.