The Impeachment Fundraising Boom

Melanie Zanona and Ally Mutnick, writing for POLITICO:

Impeachment has become a gold mine — turning even some rank-and-file lawmakers into fundraising juggernauts as they took starring roles in prosecuting or defending President Donald Trump.

A number of Democrats and Republicans who sit on the key committees investigating Trump saw their war chests flooded with cash — and their national profiles raised — during the months-long impeachment fight, which has consumed Washington and dominated headlines since September.

And there is real evidence that impeachment played a role in the fundraising boom, at least for Republicans. Donation pages for WinRed — the GOP’s online fundraising tool — that included the word “impeach” or “impeachment” raised 300 percent more than pages that did not, according to a source familiar with the fundraising platform’s operations.

No surprise: if the base sees you as a key player in the national narrative, your fundraising numbers will improve.

That said, I’m starting to wonder if campaigns will ever come down from these fundraising highs. Or will they keep ginning up controversies like impeachment each cycle to use as fundraising hooks?