“Getting the Most Out of NationBuilder”

Before you can get the most out of something, you need to be clear about what you’re using it for. You can’t optimize ambiguity for efficiency.

That’s why your first step ought to be to ask yourself: what job did I “hire” NationBuilder’s platform to do?

Did you “hire” NationBuilder to win your election? That could mean a lot of things. Are you organizing volunteers, persuading undecided voters, raising money, or turning out supporters on election day? All of the above?

Perhaps you “hired” NationBuilder to grow your nonprofit? To succeed, you might need to raise awareness of your issues, identify new supporters on social media, and drive participation at offline events.

Or maybe you “hired” NationBuilder to organize your community/network? You’ll likely want to keep people updated about what’s most relevant to them, facilitate community-building events, and foster a sense of group identity.

The point is that before you can leap into clicking the buttons and using the features, you need to be clear about what “most” you’re trying to get out of NationBuilder.

Do you know?