EveryAction Acquires BSD Tools

Big announcement today in the Democrat-aligned software space:

EveryAction, a leading provider of software serving over 15,000 nonprofits, announced today that it has closed its third acquisition in the last six weeks, acquiring the BSD Tools division from Blue State Digital. The acquisition follows EveryAction’s strategy of bringing together the best people and giving them the resources to create the best SaaS products, that provide the most value to nonprofits. EveryAction acquired ActionKit on May 8, and acquired Donor Trends on June 6.

Clients on the EveryAction and BSD Tools products will benefit in many ways, including by expanding the network effect of each company’s one-click contributions, with an active pool of stored credit card tokens closing in on 5 million. They will also benefit from the enhanced network effect of form pre-filling features driven by 120 million ActionProfiles, leading to higher conversion rates and more engagement for nonprofits. Additionally, BSD Tools clients will gain access to the EveryAction Fundraising and Organizing products, and EveryAction’s unique CRM – the only nonprofit-focused unified CRM on the market capable of serving large nonprofits.

The decision to highlight their combined 5 million stored credit card numbers as the primary benefit leads me to wonder if they’re planning on taking on the ActBlue behemoth.

Regardless, with the addition of BSD Tools, EveryAction/NGPVAN is clearly now the dominant software provider to the American Left.