Email Delivery Consultation $295 USD

We can help you avoid (or solve) email deliverability challenges and earn your way into your supporters’ inboxes.

Screenshot: Email Delivery Consultation Get Started
Screenshot: Email Delivery Consultation

The Details

  • Content Strategy

    We’ll explore how the content you’re sending is affecting your email reputation & engagement.

  • DNS Audit

    We’ll confirm that your custom domain and NationBuilder broadcasters are configured correctly.

  • Email Acquisition Process

    We’ll review your approach to email list building to confirm that supporters are properly opted-in.

  • Opt-Out Management

    When supporters are ready to go, it’s important they can exit your list without logging spam complaints.

  • Reputation Review

    We’ll verify you’re not on blacklists and show you how to how to check and monitor your email sender reputation.

  • Volume & Frequency

    We’ll review how much and how often you are sending because volume & frequency can dramatically affect your reputation.


How do I know you’re qualified?

Since 2015, Hines Digital has helped clients in fifteen U.S. states and nine countries leverage NationBuilder’s platform and shape the future.

You can see our NationBuilder certifications at

Who will be working on our project?

You’ll be working directly with Ian Patrick Hines, our founder & CEO. You’ll kick off with a 1:1 phone call, and have direct access to him via Slack, video conferencing, and his direct phone number for the duration of your project.

Ian’s been working with NationBuilder customers of every size and type since on a full-time basis since he first joined the company in 2012, and as an independent consultant since 2013.

What should we expect in terms of process and workflow?

The first step is to reserve our time for your project using our online scheduling tool.

We’ll start off with a 30-60 minute conference call to make sure we understand your organization, your timeline, and any unique needs or challenges you’re facing. We’ll try to keep that call as brief as possible so we can get straight to work.

Throughout the project, we’ll stay in regular contact via email, phone, or Slack. And when we’ve completed our work, we’ll hop back on the phone for a short call to share our work and answer any final questions you might have.

Note: While we typically complete our work within the specific timeframe you’ve reserved, sometimes unforeseen circumstances (on either your end or ours) cause delays. Our goal is to have the project completed and delivered back to you within 24 hours of our kick-off call.

We need total confidentiality before our launch. Can you guarantee that?

Absolutely. We have deep experience and a proven track record of protecting client confidentiality in high-stakes situations. And while confidentiality is our default disposition, we’re happy to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement if you’d like. Just let us know.