The DNC’s “Grassroots Partners” Program

Christen Sparago, the Democratic National Committee’s Sustaining Donor Manager, writing in “Does this bring in money or votes?” (the DNC Mobilization Team’s official newsletter):

Our monthly donors are digging deep to support the DNC’s goals, but keeping our sustainers engaged -- and getting them back when they stop donating -- is an evergreen project.

In April of last year, I began peer-to-peer texting donors who had cancelled their recurring gift within 48 hours of their cancellation.

I learned that simply asking donors to reconsider pulling their support works about 10% of the time, and nearly 70% of the donors I’ve messaged have responded and have been willing to engage in a meaningful conversation about the DNC’s goals (higher than I expected).

For those who reply no, an ask at 60-70% of their original monthly gift + a reminder that the DNC is building the eventual nominee’s campaign right now (and that Trump has had a 3-year head start) has been most successful with these folks.

And, bonus: those who sign up again increase their giving by about 12%!

This is a fascinating peek behind the curtain of the Democrats’ concerted effort to retain recurring donors through direct, 1:1 contact. 

The key thing, it seems, is that this is a cross-channel effort: it doesn’t matter whether they’re digital donors, direct mail donors, etc. The DNC has a coordinated program designed to reduce churn among monthly donors — whether they give through the mail, telemarketing, ads, SMS, or email.