Pete Buttigieg raised $7 million in April


Pete Buttigieg’s campaign jolted its top donors with big news on a conference call last month: The upstart mayor had raised $7 million in the month of April alone, as much as Buttigieg had in his entire eye-catching first quarter in the presidential race.

And the campaign has urged its donors to step on the gas on their own, outside of the candidate’s fundraisers, to help meet its lofty goals, encouraging contests among bundlers to bring in the most cash and reminding them that hefty fundraising was a key factor that legitimized Barack Obama in the early days of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Why leak April fundraising numbers in mid-June? Because the end of June is also the next “End of Quarter” reporting deadline for the Federal Election Commission.

Buttigieg’s team feels like they’re close to putting up a significant number on their Q2 report, but they’re not confident they’ll get there. This leak is designed to put pressure on major donors and pledged donors to get on the train before it leaves the station.

The real question is: how much of that big haul was from big, coastal elite donors, and how much of it was from the grassroots online?

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