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The thing about metrics your digital consultants probably don’t tell you

I understand the title for this article seems a bit click-baitish, but I ask you bare with me for a bit. At Hines Digital, we’re...

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Re-imagining how we schedule and tackle work at Hines Digital

One of the reasons I started my own business was because I believed there had to be a better way to work: remotely, asynchronously, and...

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Raising $1.5 Million Online in Just Twelve Weeks With NationBuilder

In August 2016, we received an unlikely phone call. Evan McMullin, an unknown former CIA agent and chief policy advisor to the Republicans in the...

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Designing the Digital Infrastructure for Britain’s Prime Minister

Theresa May is one of Britain's most accomplished public servants and one of the Conservative Party's most experienced leaders. She was elected to Parliament in...

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Then British Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking in opposition to the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Campaigning to Preserve Britain’s Place in Europe

In August 2015, we were approached by Edmonds Elder, who ran the UK Conservatives’ groundbreaking 2015 digital campaign, about becoming part of what would eventually...

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