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How to Choose a Name for Your Political Action Committee

So, you’ve decided to start a political action committee and change the world. Outstanding! Stepping forward as a leader is a crucial first step. Now...

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3 Ways to Nurture Your List After End-Of-Year Fundraising Ends

For digital directors, the end-of-year fundraising push is one of the most exhausting and high-stress times of the year. But as tiresome as it is...

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On NationBuilder’s Future

Three times in the past month, I’ve been asked by prospective clients for my view on NationBuilder’s future. Is the company healthy? Is it growing?...

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Understanding the Ladder of Engagement

In the last two decades of online campaigning, there hasn’t been a more consistently useful and universal strategic framework for organizing than the “ladder of...

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3 Key Lessons That Digital Campaigners Can Learn From Beto O’Rourke

Yesterday, former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke ended his campaign for the U.S. Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination. Now, it’s time for digital campaigners to reflect...

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How to Optimize Your NationBuilder Website’s Images for Faster Page Load Times

Nothing can transform a website from good to great more quickly than beautiful images. And with NationBuilder, it’s easy to upload pictures to complement your...

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Why It’s Never Been More Important to Own Your Data & Infrastructure

Earlier this week, the United Kingdom’s Conservative and Unionist Party expelled twenty-one members from their party for voting with the opposition to defeat the Prime...

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Why You Should Just Wear The Sweater

I'll never forget Rick Santorum's 2012 presidential campaign. It's not a campaign that I worked on - in fact, I was a registered Democrat during the 2012...

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How the Conservatives Are Framing the British Election on Social Media

Last year, we had the chance to design the branding for Theresa May's Conservative Party leadership campaign. This year, we've watched with delight as our...

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The thing about metrics your digital consultants probably don’t tell you

I understand the title for this article seems a bit click-baitish, but I ask you bare with me for a bit. At Hines Digital, we’re...

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