Reforming and strengthening the state GOP of one of America's most pivotal swing states

In early 2015, we had the honor of partnering with the Republican Party of Florida as they retooled the digital & field infrastructure for the 2016 election. It was an ambitious project—the full implications of which won’t be known for some time—and we are excited to have been a part of it.

In the time since, the new Florida.GOP website has been awarded the 2016 Reed Award for Best Independent Expenditure Website, and has helped the party grow it email, volunteer, and online fundraising lists dramatically.

As of April 7, 2016, the new website & digital strategy had helped the Florida GOP grow its email list by 30,000+ organic signups and its volunteer list by more than 2,600 people. That’s real, meaningful, measurable grassroots organizing that’ll help drive the campaign to stop Hillary Clinton in November.


Screenshot: RPOF Homepage
Screenshot: RPOF Splash Page
Screenshot: RPOF Endorse Page

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