Top-notch website design for New Zealand’s National Party

Over the past six years, under the leadership of Former Prime Minister John Key and The National Party, New Zealand has emerged as one of the brightest, most successful examples of conservative government success in the world. 

Now, as National prepares to seek a third consecutive term in government under the new leadership of Prime Minister Bill English, they’re prepared to run the most modern digital & field organizing campaign in New Zealand history — having anchored their campaign infrastructure on NationBuilder’s platform.

Starting in November 2016, we worked closely with National’s Kiwi digital team to design, develop, and launch a top-notch website atop of NationBuilder’s platform. This complex, user-aware website personalizes its content to individual supporters, hosts pages for all National MPs, and will serve as a central hub for the party’s membership and grassroots engagement.

We’re extremely proud to be a part of National’s team for the 2017 election, and we couldn’t be more excited about how this site has turned out.

Check out the live website at ≫


Screenshot: Screenshot: The National Party’s Homepage
Screenshot: Screenshot: The National Party’s Sign Up Page
Screenshot: Screenshot: The National Party’s Donation Page

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