Some quick thoughts on building — and sustaining — a quality team

I just read this short blog post by DHH about the broken language — and indeed the broken mindset — of hiring. It conveys exactly how I feel about building a team at The Beag Co., and I wanted to share it here.

This bit, in particular, is key:

Employees should go wherever they can get the best deal for themselves. I would! Better deal in the holistic sense of everything that’s involved with working for someone else: Most interesting and rewarding work, most freedom in living arrangements, autonomy/responsibility, and, yes, pay and benefits.

All your energy should be poured into making sure you have the better deal. That work aligns perfectly with having a better business in general, so it’s not like you’re taking a detour here.


I want people to join our team, and remain a part of it, because they want to be here. Period.

If I want my team to be invested in the long term future of the company, I need to be invested the long-term future of my team. I need to give people the trust and autonomy to do their jobs properly — including the autonomy to make mistakes. I need to support them as they grow as people and as professionals. And I need to compensate them fairly, even generously, for the work that they do.

That’s a big part of why I’m hiring so slowly: I don’t want to hire a larger team than I can support emotionally, professionally, and financially. But in the end, I believe that this approach will yield a happier, more cohesive, and more effective team.

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