Channeling grassroots energy into meaningful online fundraising on a bargain budget

In the weeks leading up to the 2016 Republican National Convention, a group of convention delegates banded together to block and reverse Donald Trump's political ascent.

Their goal: calling on the party’s chairman to support and reaffirm the longstanding principle that delegates to the GOP Convention can vote their conscience in the name of preserving the legacy of the party and the nation. 

We partnered with Free The Delegates to lead their national digital strategy. We designed and launched a petition microsite — in just one day — using NationBuilder’s grassroots organizing platform, and leading an aggressive email and online fundraising effort.

Over approximately three weeks, Free The Delegates sent more than 60,000 individual emails to conscientious conservatives across America, earning a whopping 36% open rate and a 3.8% click rate (fantastic engagement). In the end, more than 900 grassroots donations supported the effort, with an average gift of just $35, despite spending exactly zero dollars on online advertising.


Screenshot: Screenshot: Free The Delegates Homepage

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