Digital Director Essentials: The iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

We’ve reached a point where our “phones” are actually fully functional “pocket computers,” and for most digital staff their iPhone is their most important device. (If you’re anything like me you never put it down.) Phone calls, emails, tweets, etc. The last thing you need is for your iPhone’s battery to run out before the end of a long day on the campaign trail.

That’s why, last week, I bought Apple’s iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case. It’s a little odd looking, but it feels fantastic in your hand and it works exactly as advertised. In the time since I’ve never had my phone run out of battery before the end of the day. In fact, I’ve never even had the phone’s internal battery dip below 80%.

Photo: Apple’s Smart Battery Case

The bump on the back of the case is an additional, internal battery. The iPhone actually plugs into the case via the lightning connector, so throughout the day it “charges” off of the case’s battery — drawing the case’s power down first before ever using the iPhone’s internal battery. There’s nothing to manage: you just charge the phone overnight, and essentially get 200% of your normal battery power to use throughout the day.

If you’ve been lugging USB cables and mobile charging bricks around on the trail, stop. Buy this. It’s a simpler, more elegant solution that’ll get you through the day and then some. (Apple advertises that it can power the iPhone 7 for up to 26 hours of LTE internet usage. That’s fantastic.)

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